How to Access and Understand Your Indiana Police Report

One of the most important things to do following a car accidentHow to access and understand your Indiana police report. is to call 911. This is important for two reasons. First, calling 911 will ensure that an ambulance is sent to treat injured parties and transport them to the hospital. Secondly, calling 911 and having the police come to the scene ensures that the accident will be appropriately documented. This documentation will become critically important because it will be an unbiased report of the accident. The police officers on the scene will talk to all parties and witnesses involved, document physical evidence, search for video surveillance, take photographs, and complete all necessary investigations.

Though there may be issues with the police report (more on that later), the insurance companies will rely heavily on the report to apportion fault and decide how to move forward with the claim. Obtaining the police report is the first step in starting your car accident claim. In Indiana, the easiest way to obtain your police report is by going to the Buy Crash Lexis Nexis portal. There are several pieces of information that you will need in order to obtain your report from this site.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an Indiana Police Report

  1. Click here.
  2. Select "Search".
  3. Select the correct state.
  4. Select the correct jurisdiction (i.e. state police, city police, etc.)
  5. You will need at least 3 of the following pieces of information:
    • Last Name
    • Date of Incident
    • Report Number
    • Street name where the incident occurred.

If your search does not yield results, it could be too soon after the accident for the report to be posted. For most minor accidents, it takes up to 10 days for the reports to be posted online. However, for serious accidents involving severe injury or criminal charges, the investigation and posting of the police report can take much longer. If you are missing adequate information to complete your search or the report isn’t posted, you should call the jurisdiction where the accident took place.

When you hire Keller & Keller, one of the first things we do is obtain a copy of your police report. Once we download it, we will share it with you and discuss each element with you in detail. We will also request and obtain any and all investigative photos, recordings, witness statements, and supplementary reports compiled by the responding police agencies.

Understanding Your Indiana Police Report

Your Indiana police report contains a lot of information and may look overwhelming at first glance. When reviewing your Indiana police report, remember, the police report is not always the final word. Don’t panic if every detail isn’t correct. Our attorneys and staff at Keller & Keller are very familiar with Indiana police reports and can review them with you in detail. Below is a summary of what you should find on each page of your report:

Page 1

  • Driver names
  • Incident date, time, and intersection
  • Agency responding and officers investigating
  • Estimate of property damage to all parties involved
  • A narrative explanation of the accident

Page 2

  • Detailed information for each driver including address, DOB, and DLN
  • Vehicle owner information
  • Detailed vehicle information including insurance
  • *Note: If the police report doesn't list insurance for a vehicle, it does not always mean that the vehicle is uninsured.

Page 3

  • Diagram of incident

Some police reports will have more or less information than others. Hopefully, your police report will accurately describe how your accident took place. But, if it doesn't, don't panic. You may still be able to get compensation if the police report places you partially at fault. If you find that information is incorrect on your report, you should call the police agency and ask to speak to the responding officer. The responding officer and their partners are the only ones who are able to amend a police report or post a correction.

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