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Do You Know the Most Dangerous Distractions and Behaviors for Teen Drivers?

According to AllState Insurance, 6,000 teens die in car accidents each year and 87% of those teens were driving with distractions. With that number in mind, it's only common sense to ask, "How can I help my teen understand the importance of keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road?" One way is to simply make them aware of the dangers of distracted driving as well as identifying the most common factors that injure and/or kill young drivers and their passengers.

ABC News recently reported on the top three deadliest factors in teen driving accidents. The information uncovered by ABC was based on a recent study of 10,000 young people killed in car crashes involving a teen driver, as conducted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm InsuranceThe three deadliest factors were found to be:

‚ÄčIn addition to these factors, the study also looked at common distractions, which included texting while driving, applying makeup, talking on the cell phone, eating, and surfing the radio.

All of these seemingly harmless distractions can lead to car accidents that seriously injure or kill both the teens involved and whoever else is involved in the collision. Even if teens are schooled in driving in bad weather, collision avoidance, and proper speed limits, all of these lessons can go out the window when a carload of friends, loud music, and mobile devices are added to their environment.

The best way to educate your child about dangerous driving distractions is to simply talk to them about the importance of keeping their focus on the road. In addition, parents may add additional rules, such as insisting that the cell phone stay turned off while in the car, or that they aren't allowed to drive more than one friend at a time.

Although alcohol does play a large part in teen car accidents and fatalities, it is only one facet of the problem. In general, teens are more apt to be in accidents due to their inexperience. Curb that inexperience with a solid education about driving distractions.

Were you injured by a teen driver who was texting or on their phone?

If you've been injured by a distracted driver, or were a passenger in a vehicle that was hurt because the driver was on their cell phone, it's possible you may have a claim against the insurance company.

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