Insurer Refuses To Pay After Fatal Wedding Shuttle Crash In Indianapolis

Posted on Apr 26, 2011
In June, a tragic wedding shuttle accident in Indianapolis injured 15 people and killed one person. Now, an insurance company involved in the fatal Indiana accident says that it won’t pay out any claims related to the crash.

The deadly vehicle accident took place when 23-year-old groom Tom Hanley and 24-year-old bride Lauren Magee were on their way to take pictures before the ceremony with their wedding party on a limo bus too small for the load. The driver, Jerry Lowry, allegedly ran a red light and struck an SUV, pinning many members of the wedding party inside the vehicle and killing 29-year-old groomsman James Douglas. The couple decided to go ahead with the wedding at the hospital, with many of those involved sporting casts and bandages. Their reception was turned into a somber dinner and prayer service for their lost friend.

Many of the car accident claims that followed the crash allege that the limo company that supplied the shuttle bus was negligent. They say that the driver of the bus should have had a commercial license and that a larger bus was ordered but not provided.

The Michigan insurance company, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance, claims that it is not responsible for the claims because the bus company, Mavris Arts & Event Center, was not using one of its own vehicles on the day of the crash – the shuttle was officially owned by John Marvis, the company’s operator.

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