When our clients come to us, from the very first phone call to the resolution of their case, we are looking to earn each client's trust. Our goal is to make each client's experience as easy and rewarding as possible. We listen to them, we answer their questions, and we care. Each client matters, their stories matter, and we're humbled that they've chosen us to help them through some of the most difficult times. Clients come first—every client, every case. There are no exceptions. That's the way it's been done at Keller and Keller's since 1936. It never costs anything to call us. We don't get paid until you do. That's because we believe results matter. From the moment you call us, we are on this journey with you. Whether it's assembling your medical records, negotiating your liens, or taking your case to a jury, we are your partner, and we don't give up until you receive a just result. If you need help, just give us a call. You'll see that our people care about each and every client. That's who we are, that's what we do.

Our Experienced Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys Will Fight for You

Keller & Keller is one of Indiana's most recognized and experienced personal injury law firms. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorney team handles cases statewide whileFolder for a personal injury case containing evidence maintaining an exclusive focus on cases that involve serious injury from car accidentswrongful death claimssemi-truck accidents, and nursing home abuse, among many others.

The Top Three Most Important Factors in Your Indiana Personal Injury Case

  • Injuries. The more serious your injuries are, the higher your medical expenses will be, and the more your claim will be worth. A permanent disability has a much bigger financial impact than a broken bone or soft tissue injury. 
  • InsuranceYou can’t get blood from a stone, as they say. If the person responsible for your crash is uninsured or carries Indiana’s minimum insurance amounts, what you can get in a settlement will be limited. 
  • Legal representationCar accident victims who work with a personal injury attorney to settle a claim or file a lawsuit generally end up with more compensation than people who choose to work directly with the insurance company on their own. 

No matter the circumstances or complexity of your case, we offer all of our clients in Indiana a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you'll never pay for a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, and the only way we receive money for our legal services is if a recovery is made on your behalf.

Free Consultation With Our Personal Injury Attorneys

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Our attorneys represent clients in cities throughout Indiana, including South Bend, Fort Wayne, EvansvilleAndersonBloomington, Lafayette, and Elkhart, among many others.

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