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  • "...Having come to Keller & Keller, the burden was lifted..."

    Jill's previous two attempts at obtaining Social Security Disability had been met with denial. At a loss for next steps, she decided that hiring an Indianapolis disability benefits lawyer might be her only chance.  As Jill explained to us during her first call, she had worked the majority of her life and was now unable to complete day-to-day tasks that would allow her to remain employed. After listening to Jill, and seeing that she had been denied benefits, not once, but twice, our Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyers believed it was possible that we could help her. Video transcription: “I’m Jill Savage and this is my story. Having filed on my own and being denied twice, I knew that without legal counsel, good legal counsel, it was just gonna’ be a waste of time. Looking through all of your materials available online, talking to other friends, and I just felt that uh you, uh, had the resources no matter how long it took. You could get me to the finish line. At every juncture of the process, the paralegals, everyone involved, were more than thorough. I never had any questions. It was just matter of fact, straight to the point, and taken care of. They were thorough, compassionate, tender, assertive, and I just felt like part of the club when I got here. Keller & Keller just made me feel like family, just one of the family. The hearing was an absolute shock. The judge actually called in the Keller & Keller counsel of mine and said we’d like to offer you a settlement. I nearly fainted. The thing I wanna’ impress most upon anyone who has found out that they are disabled forever: You still have your life. You still have things to live for. And having come to Keller & Keller, that burden was lifted, so I was able to go ahead and take what was left of me and make it the best I can be.

  • "At every juncture of the process... everyone involved, were more than thorough. I never had any questions. It was just matter of fact, straight to the point, and taken care of."

    "Having to deal with Disability is a nightmare--Who to turn to, who to trust?  I feel very Blessed to have chosen Keller & Keller.  They fought for me every step of the way, gave me my options, were upfront and honest about my chances, and kept me informed frequently as to how MY case was going.   "After 2 denials, my 'team' didn't stop, because they knew, eventually, the medical evidence would MAKE the case, and it certainly did.  I'm still somewhat in shock at how much they continued to fight for me -- taking the burden off of my shoulders as they continued chipping away at all that my injuries entailed. "Without Keller & Keller I'd still be lost in a sea of confusion.  You were honest about the potential outcome and gave me no false hopes.  Whenever I hear "Oh, Social Security Disability, I'll never get it!!" I quickly give them your card.     "Thank you!"  

  • "I can't emphasize enough how pleased I am that I chose Keller & Keller. In my quest to obtain my Social Security Disability benefits...

    "I can't emphasize enough how pleased I am that I chose Keller & Keller. In my quest to obtain my Social Security Disability benefits, it was a great relief to know I had a caring & extremely competent team of professionals working in my favor! My paralegal went "above & beyond" to keep me updated on the status of my case. I never worried or wondered about if/when I would hear a response from my paralegal. Not only am I pleased that I received a favorable outcome, but I was completely at ease with leaving my most important questions/concerns with Keller & Keller. After seeing the dedicated devotion to my case, I learned this: It's crucial that you have the best group helping you with the "JOURNEY", and not merely the "DESTINATION."

  • "I'm thankful that I chose Keller & Keller, and I would recommend them to anyone because they are great at what they do."

    "I contacted Keller & Keller to help me with my disability claim, and I am so grateful for the work the staff did on my behalf. My paralegal was always there to help me answer any questions I had. I'm thankful that I chose them, and I would recommend to anyone because they are great at what they do."