A man driving the Polaris RZR side x side.

Polaris Side-by-Sides are used by recreational outdoor enthusiasts and farmers alike who favor them for their speed, design, performance, and durability. As off-road vehicles, some states don’t require a license to operate one which leads to a lot of inexperienced drivers at the wheel, resulting in many accidents. Due to the inherent design of side-by-side vehicles like the Polaris Ranger and RZR, there is an increased risk of rollover accidents. The vehicles' form and function resuilt in a machine that is both narrow and top-heavy. Those factors combined with speed make ATVs some of the most dangerous vehicles on the market with rollovers being a common cause of injury.

Injuries from Rollover Accidents in Polaris Vehicles Are Common

Rollover accidents are common in side-by-side vehicles and can result in serious injury. In some cases when the driver and/or passengers have not appropriately used the seatbelt or harness, they are thrown from the vehicle which can result in life threatening injury. The Polaris side-by-sides are designed with seatbelts or optional harnesses so that in the event of a rollover, the safety mechanism keeps the user inside of the cage and prevents traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries.

Rollover Accidents Increase the Already High Risk of Fires in Polaris Side by Sides

However, when a rollover accident is combined with a Polaris fire, the results are catastrophic. When one of these vehicles is involved in a rollover, fuel can leak and ignite due to the heat from the ProStar engine. Reports indicate that the recalled Polaris vehicles are quickly going up in flames. Victims have recounted their struggle to unbuckle their harness to escape the fire. In a New York Times article, a former Polaris enthusiast recalls watching a friend trapped in flames and unable to extricate himself from the vehicle. It wasn’t until his harness melted that he fell to the ground. His friend died the next day.

If You've Suffered Due to a Polaris Rollover or Fire, Our Attorneys Can Help

There are graphic videos on YouTube of Polaris vehicles going up in flames. Polaris’ failure to quickly recognize defects and take action ultimately resulted in a hefty fine to the CPSC. Even now, injuries, entrapments, and deaths are still happening due to Polaris fires. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a Polaris fire, contact Keller & Keller today for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys can represent victims of Polaris fires across the country.

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