What can I post on social media after my car accident?

NOTHING. Ok, we realize this might be impossible for some of you. If you are a Facebook or Twitter addict, you may not be able to avoid social media after a car accident. However, it is very important that you don’t post anything related to your accident or your recovery and that you are aware of how your social media activity may affect your injury claim.

Too Much Posting and Liking Could Affect Your Settlement

Many of us connect to the world through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Liking and sharing posts is how we get recipes, stay current on news, find outSocial Media Can Have a Big Impact on Your Accident Settlement what other people are up to, and let people know what we are up to. It is that last activity that can make it hard for a personal injury attorney to negotiate for the maximum possible settlement for his or her client. If you are sharing pictures or information about the crash or about your daily life since the accident, it can be used to lower your damages in a settlement. Some of the pitfalls of using social media following a crash include the following:

  • Saying something about the crash that contradicts what you said earlier or what your attorney is saying during negotiations.
  • Sharing pictures of an active lifestyle—working out, attending kids’ games, taking a vacation—when you are claiming serious injuries.
  • Badmouthing the other driver (even if you don’t share his name), making you less sympathetic to an insurance agent or judge.
  • “Checking in” or sharing locations in places that appear to contradict your condition, such as an amusement park or beach.

Even if you think your accounts are private, they can often be accessed by someone who is determined to dig up dirt, such as an investigator for an insurance company that does not want to pay up. Even innocent posts—or posts you made before the accident even happened—could be manipulated to work against you.

To Be Safe, Suspend Your Social Media Activity

We advise our clients to suspend social media accounts as we work to settle their car accident claims. This way, there is no risk of making an innocent mistake that is used against them later. If you have questions about what is and isn’t appropriate social media activity following an accident, contact one of our Indianapolis car accident lawyers today. We are happy to help!