What should I look for when hiring an attorney in a trucking case?

Experience, knowledge, and understanding are important to every case. Since 1936, the law offices of Keller & Keller have successfully defended its clients and their claims. BecauseTruck Accident in Indianapolis Indiana trucking accidents can present unique variables and instances of complicated liability, it is highly suggested that you seek legal counsel that will be able to properly guide you through the legal process.

Keller & Keller Has Truck Accident Experience

Our attorneys have experience handling semi-truck accident claims that will be critical to your case. This includes our knowledge of the special laws regulating semi-trucks and their drivers, as well as our ability to locate the potential of "multiple policies." We know Indiana and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration laws regarding commercial truck operation and we know how to obtain the necessary evidence to prove truck driver or trucking company negligence.

We Will Put Our Top-Rated Firm to Work for You

As an AV rated firm, Keller & Keller possesses an experienced Indianapolis truck accident attorney team and the skill to help determine the best strategy in pursuing your claim. If you were hurt in an accident involving a semi-truck, don’t hesitate to call.


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